Three Souls Wisdom

Three Souls Wisdom offers you a way to experience yourself more deeply through an ancient mesoamerican teaching. It will open up layers of intuition and a new way to have relationship with creation.

In this class, we’ll get into what the Nahua (Aztec) cosmovision is of the three souls and how that interplays with modern science’s insight into the three brains.

I describe well-known systems of the energy body (Chinese medicine and the Indian chakra system) as lenses that help us understand our energy body and being. An energy body is an energy body is an energy body. Three Souls Wisdom is another lense that offers a lesser known, but very deep, understanding of ourselves.

This is the beginning of a sacred weaving- an understanding of yourself from an indigenous mesoamerican lense.

We will actively build relationship with each of the three souls over four weeks. No tools or materia are required, but some suggestions will be made each week if you’d like to add onto the core practice.

Each week’s lesson is released on Mondays at 9am eastern.

Q+A is offered via email + recording.

There will be an embodiment practice for each week’s lesson.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

-Benefits from working with Three Souls Wisdom-

Deeper experience of your own being/body.

An indigenous perspective of soul, intuition and energy from a lived, not academic, mesoamerican cosmology.

Working with science to deepen our spiritual work versus demonizing it or making it more valid.

Engaging with your intuition in ways you haven’t before.

Understanding how wounding/trauma can get in the way of inner wisdom and ideas to clear the static

A different lens for the energy body and how to work with it.

Class investment

Our classes offer sliding scale options.

Scholarships are available on request- email

Option #1

$ 50 one time payment
  • accessibility level
  • your finances are tight
  • you can afford w/o taking from basic needs

Option #2

$ 150 one time payment
  • actual price for class
  • you are financially stable
  • you can comfortably afford w/o stress

Option #3

$ 250 one time payment
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  • helps us to offer sliding scale + scholarships
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I’m happy to address any concerns at anytime.

If you have any Qs prior to joining, you can email

Your maestra for this class...

I’m Ixchel (ee-shell), resident wisdom-keeper for Nahua (Aztec) + Maya spiritual traditions.

I have trained in and practice-

  • Mexican Curanderismo (Yucatec Maya + Nahua traditions)
  • Brujeria- largely folk magic
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy/NLP
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Energy Psychology
  • Neuropsychology (current student)


Within my indigenous traditions, I am woven with the energy currents of Death and Ix (Jaguar). Both of them mean my service/medicine to community is through my access to the underworld. Shadow work, soul retrieval, and healing work with the soma/subconscious are within my domain to help others.


My values within community-

>> This community is a circle- no one is more or less important than the next. Meaning, I’m acting as maestra and also am open to your ideas, questions, and critiques about the class topic and my role as teacher.

>> I value accessible offerings- if you find that I can make the class more accessible in some way please let me know. As an able bodied human, I’m sure I have blindspots. Feel free to call me in about them.

>> I’m building a personal, post-colonial ecosystem because duh it’s not working as it is. Indigenous values like; community care and responsibilities, animism, being caretakers vs. consumers, and rematriation are the baseline.

>> I’m political but not partisan. My people existed and tended to the land and guided each other before *waves hand* all of this. I’d be pleased to tear it all down and start over. I’m about equal rights and every person thriving- period.